Kenya Fiber-to-the-Tower Project

BCS-EA has been active in the Kenyan telecoms market since inception, with a very successful track record in capacity reselling to several telecom service providers active in the market then. Capitalizing on its 2 year prior experience in constructing fiber networks in Uganda, they partnered with Safaricom in 2016 to successfully complete a 540 km stretch of fiber infrastructure in Kenya (with the latter eventually owning the asset.)

On the back of the experience gained from the above projects, as well as the prospects of a market seeing strong growth in data yet still suffering from capacity shortages, BCS-EA’s management have identified an opportunity to connect Kenya’s telecom towers with fiber. A mobile network comprises thousands of towers, most often connected to each other using wireless technology such as microwave dishes. Microwave is used in about 50% of total back haul network deployments across the world; management estimate this is 75% in Kenya.

BCS-EA plans to build 1,500 km of overhead fiber (along the electricity pilons of Kenya Power, an existing partner) to connect telecom operators’ networks, offering them greater capacity and stability than their exiting microwave infrastructure. Target clients of the fiber-to-the-tower project include; Airtel, Telkom Kenya, Safaricom (to a limited extent), new Mobile Virtual Network Operators (MVNOs) and Kenya Power with the total estimated cost of this project being US$ 6 million.

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