Airtel Uganda


Airtel was launched in Uganda in June 2010 and is Uganda’s most innovative mobile phone operator, which has introduced many “firsts” in the telecommunications sector.

As a mobile operator airtel introduced affordable communication products and services that have transformed millions of Ugandans and businesses. Airtel Uganda is indeed a great success story having acquired Warid Telecom in May 2013 and growing to a family of 7.2 Million Customers and investing heavily in network expansion and Innovative IT Systems all in a bid to ensure clear network coverage and excellent customer experience.

BCS has co-built over 2000 Km of fiber with Airtel Uganda to complete the Eastern and the Western ring of the country. This partnership has been strong with both parties expressing the willingness to further strengthen its working relationship by joining in to build the Northern fiber cable with Facebook in northern Uganda.

We also have collaborated in inter-continental transmission of voice and data traffic as well as IP transit services for over 5 years with BCS providing airtel with dark fiber.

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