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Working with us is easy and effortless. We define exceptional customer service to surpass your expectation with a provision of assistance and IT consultation that is provided when you need it. If you need a flexible solution that’s built to scale as your enterprise grows, BCS Group is the right firm to do it.

Our field operations teams and customer services strive to surpass your expectations at all times. Our most important goal is to meet your precise requirements while monitoring the performance across our network from our advanced 24/7 Nairobi Network Control Center (NNCC) to ensure maximum reliability.


    The Citadel Building, 1st Floor
    Muthithi Road Westlands
    Nairobi, Kenya

    +254 0 (20) 266 7 249


    BMK House, 4th Floor, Suite 406
    Wampewo Avenue
    Kampala, Uganda

    +256 (0) 414 252 471 / 472


    Kigali City Tower, 14th Floor
    Avenue du Commerce
    Kigali, Rwanda

    +250 (0) 788 457 307


    Shreeji House 11
    Addis Ababa Drive P.O Box 1209
    Lusaka, Zambia

    +250 978 981 000

    DR Congo

    Office Number 204, 2nd Floor
    15 - 17 Avenue Colonel Ebeya, Gombe
    Kinshasa, DR Congo

    +243 814 443 160