Dark Fiber


The Channel to Infinite Bandwidth & Internet Services for You!


BCS Group offers Dark fiber pairs to Mobile network operators (MNOs) and ISPS to be able to light up their telecommunication equipment and provide unlimited capacities to their customers. BCS leverages over 2000 km of built and owned infrastructure in East Africa.This service is offered under the following options;

• Lease on yearly contracts
• 10, 15 and 20 yrs Indefeasible Right of Use (IRU) options


Co- Build



Client Capacity Ownership






Client Capacity Ownership



Secure and Trusted Solution

BCS Group provides wholesale Internet (IP Transit) with a direct link from London’s Global IP Transit providers to BCS POPs in East Africa via Fujairah in the UAE. Our internet is much secure and scalable with an unlimited bandwidth.

  • Unique
    Bandwidth and Cloud Services operates a unique set of network assets for the wholesale bandwidth services hence providing an edge to the clients with a custom-built network incorporating substantial diverse physical routes.
  • Guaranteed Bandwidth
    A direct link from the TEAMS submarine cable connecting Fujairah UAE and U.K’s London Global Tier 1 IP Transit providers leverages a fully dedicated physical network infrastructure for the East African market.
  • Customizable Bandwidth
    Obtain a creative and flexible package structured competitively enabling our customers to position themselves better in the market with well managed white label services available under their own brand. The services that we are highly flexible and can be easily aligned with the customers changing network requirements.
  • Independent or Shared Construction
    A client can choose to delegate the construction and rollout of the network to BCS while they focus on their core business or better co-execute the projects duties and responsibilities with BCS. BCS is much flexible with regards to this.
  • Non Consumer Competition
    A zero end-user and consumer competition with the ability to grow our customers network capacity by supplying them with the bandwidth needs they require. BCS solely focuses on the wholesale space of internet (IP Transit) and connectivity (Global and Regional) enabling our customers to retail in white label to the end-users and final consumers.

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