Fiber Construction

Fiber Construction

BCS Group has built over 7,000 Kilometers of underground, overhead and submarine fiber, with a view of expanding its infrastructure within the continent. There are many different ways clients and carriers can take advantage of our fiber construction services, from one of the following models or a variation of all of them.
Country Type Distance
Uganda Underground and Overhead 4850 km
DR Congo Underground and Overhead 718 km
Zambia Underground and Overhead 1222 km
Kenya Underground 540 km
DR Congo - Uganda Underground and Submarine 177 km
Total 7507 km

Construction Models

Co-Build Model Contractor Model Turnkey Model

The ownership of the infrastructure is equally shared between BCS Group and the Client. This model aims at improving the overall penetration of telecom services to reach the interior and rural areas while matching the ever-increasing bandwidth capacity required to carry all the traffic volume generated by its consumers and business. This model enables fast penetration and ease of working with partners to avail our services to all the remote areas within the region. This is a 50% ownership
of the fiber network.


BCS Group acts as the construction contractor and hands over the project upon completion. This is a 0% ownership of the fiber network.


BCS Group undertakes the construction of the fiber network then leases out its internet. This is a 100% ownership of the fiber network.

Our underground, overhead, and submarine fiber capabilities include some of the following technologies:

Construction Types

BCS has vast experience when it comes to Fiber construction, we construct terrestrial fibre networks and metro networks for ourselves and for clients in the Telecommunication Industry and Government organizations. We are licensed to construct in Kenya, Uganda, Zambia and DRC. Since the year 2014, the Group has constructed over 7,000 kilometres of fibre categorised as:
  • Overhead fiber construction
  • Underground Fiber construction
  • Submarine fiber construction

Overhead Capabilities 

  • Turnkey, co-build, or labor-only projects, large and small
  • Strand installation
  • Lashing fiber, coaxial, twisted pair
  • ADSS fiber installation (where all-dielectric installations are required)
  • Fiber extensions – Last Mile Projects
  • Fiber maintenance, including pole transfers and repair of broken lashing wire
  • Highway, interstate, river, and railroad crossings

Underground Capabilities

  • Turnkey, co-build, or labor-only projects, large and small
  • Trenching cable, fiber, or conduit 
  • Plowing cable, fiber, or conduit 
  • Directional and pneumatic boring
  • Blow or pull cable inner duct into new or existing conduit
  • Complete restoration

Submarine Capabilities

  • Turnkey, co-build, or labor-only projects, large and small
  • Underwater cable route and landing station design
  • 2D and 3D aquatic survey
  • Cable route positioning planning
  • Cable engineering design
  • Fiber cable Laying and splicing
  • Beach manhole build
  • Cable landing station build
  • Fiber testing and commissioning
  • Fiber maintenance and repair

Proof of Performance Testing 

  • Aural carrier frequency offset
  • Visual carrier level
  • 24-hour test
  • Aural carrier level
  • In-channel response
  • Visual C/N
  • Coherent disturbances
  • Terminal isolation
  • Hum and repetitive transients


Fiber Splicing and Testing

BCS performs fiber optic fusion splicing (loose tube or ribbon), and our technicians conduct bi-directional OTDR (optical time-domain reflector) and power testing to ensure splices are clean and meet critical performance criteria.