Terrestrial Transmission: Dark Fibre Lease and Lit capacity Colocation

Network Transmission Services

Terrestrial dark fiber

BCS Group offers dark fiber bandwidth to its customers using point-to-point or point-to-multipoint configurations to install and set up the networks. 

Mobile Network Operators (MNOs), Internet Service Providers (ISPs), Government institutions, e-commerce, and retail companies are some of the many who can benefit from dark fiber since they have a higher demand for their internet and often require fast and secure internet capabilities due to the transmission of large files of sensitive data.

Dark fiber networks have a high capacity and enable excellent signal strength. Data is transported through the cables using light pulses, as mentioned earlier, and you can find it underground. Dark fiber networks are separate from the main networks and are controlled by a client rather than a network provider.

This service is offered under the following options;

  • The lease on yearly contracts
  • 10, 15, and 20 years Indefeasible Right of Use (IRU) options

Terrestrial lit capacity

BCS Group Offers lit capacity to the ISPs and MNOs customers with limited Capex to buy the equipment to light the leased fiber. This product is available on Lease from our backhaul fiber network as well as our metro fiber network. The group offers a range of managed bandwidth and lit fiber solutions that are flexible and scalable for clients.

Metro Tower Connectivity

BCS offers Fiber-to-the Tower (FTTX) and Fiber-to-the Enterprise (FTTB) services for clients such as the mobile network operators (MNOs), ISPs, TV and Radio Stations and connectivity providers. BCS owns an extensive fiber network in Uganda that covers major districts within the country with colocation at EATON Tower sites. The towers support the networks of a wide range of customers, helping them increase their coverage and capacity.

Why choose BCS

Extensive network Coverage: BCS Group has an extensive terrestrial network within Kenya, Uganda, Rwanda, Zambia and DR Congo with Metro networks in all the major cities.
Redundant Network: The BCS network has no single point of failure since the network is configured in rings and in multiple routes.
Stable network: The BCS network runs on the National Utility fiber cables, the international submarine cables and on its own fiber which are all in good quality.
Guaranteed Bandwidth: BS Group leverages a fully dedicated physical network infrastructure for the East African market.
Zero customer competition: BCS Group has customers such as Mobile Network Operators and Internet Srvice Providers, we do not compete with our customers.